Irina Vega

Indie Adult Filmmaker
Performer Recruiter
Content Creator



Irina Vega, indie porn filmmaker and erotic literature writer. Content creator on YouTube with her Virtual Tuppersex and the Climax Podcast where she interviews people from adult entertainment.

She is the forerunner of independent and alternative porn in Spain, offering a unique vision of sex and pornography. She loves to experiment with images explicitly and creatively, bringing sex to screen and now to paper.

For this reason, she has got various nominations and awards in erotic events, the most outstanding have been as Best Website, Best Editor, Best Scene of the year, etc. at Galaxy Awards, Ninfa Awards and AltPorn Awards.

Irina is the founder and director of the independent website Altporn4U where she has been producing and directing adult entertainment content since 2004.

She is writing the illustrated erotic series Cómplices. Dame Más and No Pares, are the first two chapters.

Irina Vega also manages its official website, her performer agency and the website where she recommends production companies and audiovisual content within the same stream of independent porn.