About Irina Vega

Irina Vega is an indie porn filmmaker and erotic literature writer. She’s a content creator on YouTube with her Virtual Tuppersex and the Climax Podcast where she interviews people from adult entertainment.

Irina is the forerunner of independent and alternative porn in Spain, offering a unique vision of sex and pornography. She loves to experiment with images explicitly and creatively, bringing sex to screen and now to paper.

For this reason, she has got various nominations and awards in erotic events, the most outstanding have been as Best Website, Best Editor, Best Scene of the year, etc. at Galaxy Awards, Ninfa Awards and AltPorn Awards.

Irina Vega is the founder and director of the independent website Altporn4U where she has been producing and directing adult entertainment content since 2005.

She is writing the illustrated erotic series Cómplices. Dame Más and No Pares, are the first two chapters.

Irina Vega also manages her adult model agency EuropeanMuses and the IndieLust website where she recommends production companies and audiovisual content within the same stream of indie and alternative porn.

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Where were those people?

As a porn consumer, I missed seeing common people, tattooed people, with different aesthetics outside the norm… 

I missed diversity

My name is Irina Vega and I’m going to tell you how I started shooting the porn I wanted to see and set up my own production company.

16 years ago I left my job and started to shoot as alternative performer. I quickly grabbed a camera and learned how to shoot and edit videos. The little money I earned in conventional jobs and shooting porn, I re-invested it in shootings as director and in new equipment.

For once I was working on something that motivated me.

While my friends went out to party, I stayed at home reading forums and watching youtube tutorials (the old ones!!) because I didn’t even have money for an academy and I barely managed to pay the rent.

At first it took me 4 hours to edit 30 seconds of video.

But everything was happening for a reason.

irina vega about

My goal was clear. I spent several years shooting with alternative people with my same concerns, with hardly any money.

But we were happy with what we were doing.

Really different people expressing our sexuality. We were showing that other porn was possible.

Shortly after, I thought that I was missing something important: a website where I could sell my scenes.

So I made a blogspot myself: PornoAlternativo.com

Social networks did not exist yet. There was only one option

I thought that having a professional website would help.

My blog became AltPorn4U

Years later, and as a restless person, a friend and I created a modeling agency together:

European Muses

A trustworthy, fair and equitable agency for both models and producers.

I still couldn’t pay the bills without having to resort to other extra jobs, so I set a deadline to leave the production company because I was saturated, I worked a lot but I didn’t see economic results.

But I liked my job so much that I extended the deadline once, and again, and again…

The production companies continued to trust European Muses and it was getting more performers to join the project.

I created IndieLust TV

A website where find a selection made by me of other indie and alternative porn content creators, directors, performers…

My work, on a small scale, was moving in those years.

I saw big production companies copying my videos, ideas… Porn in Spain was changing.

I was very obsessive about the details, and later I realized that this was precisely what made users appreciate my vision and values

Finally, like me, they were also seeing the porn they wanted to see.

I lived for many years on a roller coaster with unserious web programmers, until I decided to focus on my production company AltPorn4U and work with emerging ethical platforms with which I share values. I began to see the light.

My content was published on PinkLabel, Erika Lust, Adult time…

What I never imagined is that Penguin Random House would propose me to write a series of erotic novels!

A new adventure!

Enjoying what I do and with the people with whom I share projects has been something that has come out in such a natural and organic way, that it can be felt in front of and behind the cameras.

I don’t do indie and altporn for money, it shows… it spreads…

I’ve done it with people who want to express their sexuality and show the world that other porn is possible.

You can be part of the change in porn too.

Are you coming with me?