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24 Jun

Barcelona Sex Project

Barcelona Sex Project is an experimental adult film that takes a close look at the personal lives of three men and three women, getting to know them intimately as we watch their real orgasms.

All of the performers are very different, but extremely likable… Especially once the clothes come off and the real action begins!

Each let’s us watch as they bring themselves to ecstatic orgasm, resulting in some of the most stylish solo scenes ever captured on camera.

Written and directed by award-winning erotic film director Erika Lust, this is a beautiful, stark and incredibly authentic film; perfect for sex culture enthusiasts and fans of masturbation erotica.

Irina Vega
Irina Vega is the precursor of indie and alternative porn stream in Spain, offering an inimitable view of sex and pornography. Read more in "About" Section

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